Taste of Fayetteville Coming Up Early October

Taste of Fayetteville

Taste of Fayetteville

Many cities now have their own variation of a “taste of” event where they celebrate the local cuisine and business of the area. Fayetteville is celebrating its seventh year in a row of the Taste of Fayetteville event, where local businesses unite to provide sample sizes of their food to lure in potential patrons. It’s a great way for guests of the event to try something new and discover restaurants in their area they didn’t even know about.

Taking place on Sunday, October 9th in Festival Park, Taste of Fayetteville is a free entry, rain-or-shine event. You have to buy tickets in order to exchange them for food, however, with ticket prices being only $1 per ticket – though vendors can charge anywhere from 1 to 4 tickets for a taste of their food, so budget accordingly. You can pre-buy tickets online, or you can buy on-site – however, if you choose to buy tickets at the event, keep in mind it’s cash only! There will be ATMs available at the park.

Taste of Fayetteville will also be providing a Kids Zone for the little ones, as well as live musical acts for entertainment. The event will run from 12 PM until 6 PM, so be prepared for a full day of trying out all the great food the region has to offer.

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