Excellent Places to Drive to Near Fayetteville, NC

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When you live in Fayetteville, NC, it means you get to explore the great outdoors all year round. The big question is, though — where should you go? We’ve put together a list of places to drive so you can hop behind the wheel of your Honda with your family and enjoy our beautiful town and the surrounding area.

Cape Fear River Trail

Pack up the family and head out for a relaxing hike on the Cape Fear River Trail. This 10-foot-wide path is paved, making it ideal for walkers, bicyclists, and more. It’s peppered wooden bridges — even a scenic covered bridge — and offers your family the chance to take in the beauty of the marsh and wetlands. This trail even has signs around the area so you can learn about the local flora and fauna.

Carvers Creek State Park

Step back in time while enjoying nature at Carvers Creek State Park. This unmissable attraction has miles of hiking trails, a millpond to fish at, and multiple historic structures to explore. You can learn all about Rockefeller House and Long Valley Farm, letting you soak in some history and culture.

Deep Creek ATV Park

If you want to get your adrenaline pumping, then why not head to the Deep Creek ATV Park? This off-road park has deep mud bogs, play pits, and 15 miles of sandy ATV trails for outdoor fun. Hitch your ATV to your Honda truck or SUV and buckle up for hours of fun.

If your Honda needs a bit of attention before you set out to explore Fayetteville, feel free to contact us at Bryan Honda.

Regular Oil vs Synthetic Oil: What’s the Difference?

Oil Change | Fayetteville, NC

When you bring your vehicle to Bryan Honda for its regular oil change, it’s likely that the expert technician will ask you if you would prefer conventional or synthetic oil. For many people, the difference between these two is unknown. To help you better understand your options, we’ve put together a comparison of synthetic oil and conventional oil.

Conventional Oil

Conventional oil is a lubricant for your engine that is derived directly from crude oil. It can work at high temperatures while still maintaining its stability over long periods of time. Typically, conventional oil will leave deposits on engine components as it breaks down, which is why it’s important to get regular oil changes.

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is, as you might guess from its name, a somewhat factory-made option for your vehicle. It uses a base oil, powder additives, and a carrier oil to help your vehicle run. This oil type tends to have fewer impurities than conventional oil, and it also has a uniform molecular size, which reduces friction within your engine.

Because of the way it’s refined, this oil usually reduces deposits compared to its conventional counterpart. You can also typically go longer between oil changes when you use synthetic rather than conventional, especially if you opt for full synthetic oil rather than a blend.

Is your Honda ready for an oil change? Bring it to Bryan Honda armed with knowledge about the differences between synthetic and conventional oil, and choose the one that fits your needs and budget.